My Book About Tortoises Pre-K – Grade 1, 44 Pages



Forty-four pages of fascinating information about tortoises, including worksheets and activity sheets for Pre-school through 1st grade. Great review for older students, too!

Also includes twenty-three coloring, spelling, and information sheets; two color-by-number (addition and subtraction) sheets; four pages of “Label the parts of a Tortoise”; five Learn to Spell coloring pages; a land tortoise art activity (color, cut, and assemble); land tortoise facts write, cut, and color activity; two Color by addition, one color by subtraction, and one counting tortoises; easy story problem page; seven pages of “Lessons we can learn from the tortoise”; dangers to tortoises; simple ecology coloring sheet; Sonoran Desert food chain information sheets; two pages of Life-cycle of the tortoise; several teacher pages with information and bulletin board ideas.


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