Children's Books and Printable Workbooks
Designed to Make Science Education Fun

Our Affordable, Comprehensive, Supplemental Workbooks are for
Teachers, Tutors and Home-Schooling Parents

Each WORKBOOK has a theme and can include pages
for reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary and math,
along with Venn-Diagrams, life-cycles, fact sheets, coloring pages,
connect-the-dots, word searches, mazes, label-the-parts,
cut-and-paste, true or false, fill-in-the-blanks, match the pictures,
greater than/less than, count-and-classify and graphing.



black and white drawings of the Rock Cycle

black and white drawings about The Greater Roadrunner

The workbooks, activity and project sheets available for sale on this website are designed for grades K-5 (typically ages 5-11). The information has been carefully researched and is appropriate for each grade level. The work and project sheets are designed with back-to-basics standards for each grade, and can be used by teachers in the classroom, homeschooling parents, and tutors.

The books offered through LYRIC POWER PUBLISHING contain big, new words for students in grades K-3. We believe students remember words learned in stories better than when presented in lists.

"When children are given a definition, they read it and quickly return to the story. When given a sentence that is relevant to the story and uses the word in the same context, students interpret it as a puzzle to be solved. They spend more time thinking about the meaning of the word and remember it better a week later."
How Children Learn Words, Miller and Gildea.