We’re Celebrating ‘Bahamian Boas’ Book-Birthday!

Above: Baby New Providence Boa showing a bit of iridescence

Lyric Power Publishing LLC is celebrating the March 6th book ‘birth’ day of Bahamian Boas: A Tabby Tale. Boa is short for boa constrictor, a type of snake found throughout The Bahamas (except for Grand Bahamas and San Salvador). These snakes are also called fowl snakes or rainbow snakes. The rainbow name is because their scales are iridescent. This means that various colors are seen when light bounces off, and the colors change when viewed from different angles.

A children's book cover, brown background, orange and yellow lettering, with images of snakes from the Bahamas
BAHAMIAN BOAS: A TABBY TALE Now Available at Amazon

Boas, as snakes, are reptiles. Bahamian boas are arboreal, meaning they live in trees. As adults, they can be six to eight feet long.

Bahamian Boas: A Tabby Tale is a very special book. It is narrated by Tabby the Five-Finger Fairy of The Bahamas, a magical being involved with conservation, and it was written by author Elaine A. Powers in rhyming text, which makes the learning fun. And, while it is colorfully illustrated, it also includes actual photos of known Bahamian boas, which are so important to the ecosystem of the island. They eat lizards, frogs, birds and rats. Boas can consume thousands of rats during their lifetimes. This is important, since these native snakes help control the population of the invasive rodents.

photo of adult New Providence BoaAdult New Providence Boa

Unfortunately, the major threat to these incredible snakes is man. Irrational fears have led to the persecution of these harmless, nonvenomous snakes.

The dangers to boas posed by humankind are a part of Tabby’s adventure tale, Tabby and Cleo: Unexpected Friends.

A bright green children's book cover, showing a Five-Fingered Fairy riding a Bahamian Boa
Tabby, the Five-Finger Fairy, who comes from the Five-Finger Tree, Tabebuia bahamensis, loves the native plants, animals and people of The Bahamas. She makes friends wherever she goes!

We hope through these books people will learn about the Bahamian boas and respect them and help with their conservation. Bahamian Boas: A Tabby Tale is for sale at Amazon.com.

CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE AUTHOR ELAINE A. POWERS SPEAK ABOUT THE BIRTHDAY OF HER BOOK. And, a special guest appeared, whom you will very much enjoy seeing.



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Elaine A Powers Author Conservationalist Biologist
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