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Seven Ways to Motivate Your Students to do the Assignment by Marilyn Buehrer, Teacher

A photo of statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with the words 7 ways to motivate your students

Seven ways to motivate your students to do their assignments:

  • Give them a reason why they should.
    • A poll of the students in my 6th grade Language Arts class:
      • “I want to get good grades”
      • “I know I will need this education later in life”
      • “My mom and dad expect me to do well.”
      • “I want to go on to seventh grade.”
      • “I want to be in student council and be a tutor.”
      • “I want to get a good job when I grow up.”
      • “I want to do well so I can be a better person.”
  • Give a lot of individual genuine praise.
    • Ways to say “Good Job”
      • “You’ve got your brain in gear today!”
      • “That was first class work.”
      • “Congratulations, you got it right!”
      • “You’ve got the hang of it.
      • “That’s an interesting way of looking at it.”
      • “That’s “A” work.
      • “Keep working on it; you’re improving.”
      • “You are learning fast.”
      • “Keep up the good work!”
      • “It looks like it is going to be a super paper.”
  • Choose subjects that interest them and are “cool” to work on.
  • Provide extra time and extra chances for them to complete their work.
  • Take a lot of time to explain concepts and directions well.
  • Make subjects easy to understand.
    • Speak in language of their grade level, not in teacher-ese.
  • Make things seem easier than they really are.
    • Math doesn’t have to have “problems.” It can have “situations.” And harder problems can become “fancier situations.”

Marilyn Buehrer is a teacher, and creator of the comprehensive educational supplemental workbooks published by Lyric Power Publishing.

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