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On Black Friday, Give the Gift that Lasts a Lifetime by Elaine A. Powers, Author

graphic, white with black shopping bag and the words "black Friday"
Image Courtesy of ElisaRiva from Pixabay

As we scurry into the holiday shopping season, don’t forget about giving a gift that lasts a lifetime–the gift of knowledge. Whether you’re shopping for a toddler or an adult, the books from Lyric Power Publishing, LLC provide education in an entertaining way. We’re never too young or too old to learn correct scientific information, and learning sticks when it’s fun.

A brown book cover, with a circle with blue sky, with a rattlesnake popping out of the circle, title: Don't Make Me Rattle* For All Ages
* Purpose: Rattlesnake Education Dispels Fear
* Education: 25 facts and traits of the rattlesnake written in rhyme are easy to remember
* Art: Vibrant illustrations highlight the parts and habitat of the rattlesnake
* Gift: A perfect birthday or holiday gift for those who love snakes and for education

Do you or your little ones love rhyming words? Do you have a child who loves adventure tales? Do you have a budding ecologist?  You’ll find all that and more in our science-based books, loved by parents, kids and their teachers. And it’s easy to order online at LPP. Just click on Our Books.

a book cover of a nature preserve, where seeds are cultivated. Seeds are drawn as cute characters
A Lyric Power Publishing book about seeds longing for a home. Yes, all of life longs to find its own special place to belong.

Perhaps you like to give your children or grandchildren coloring books or fun worksheets that supplement education at home. LLP has wonderful, comprehensive workbooks, too.

A light blue book cover with images of freshwater turtle and green sea turtle

38 pages of fun, educational activity sheets and coloring pages!

Most importantly, we at Lyric Power Publishing wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season!

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