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Nov. 23rd is National Adoption Day by Elaine A. Powers, Author

young child on train station bench near suitcasesImage courtesy of Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

Although National Adoption Day was created to encourage the adoption of children, adoption is also important for animals. Too many animals are waiting in adoption facilities for a forever home.

When you adopt, you receive information about your new companion animal, such as its likes and dislikes, and its personality. I have found that adopted animals are grateful for their new human companions and they show it.

I ran an iguana rescue for many years. I placed many wonderful green iguanas into knowledgeable homes–homes I knew were ready for their new family member.

a directory listing for Powers IGuana Rescue New Jersey in 2000
An image of an old listing for my Iguana Rescue in New Jersey

In all adoptions, whether children or animals, it is important to do your homework in advance. Impulse buys of animals are never good and often end in heartache for everyone involved. I waited many years before I adopted my first animal. Do your research (after all, we do have the Internet) and then get out there and adopt.


Green Iguana, Algae, on an enclosure.
Algae, a green iguana I rescued
a book cover of a nature preserve, where seeds are cultivated. Seeds are drawn as cute characters
A Lyric Power Publishing book about seeds longing for a home. Yes, all of life longs to find its own special place to belong!
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