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Curtis Curly-tail is Having a Book-Birthday

a children's book cover, blue and white, with several curly-tail lizards on the cover

Lyric Power Publishing LLC is pleased to announce the “birth” day of the book above: Curtis Curly-tail is Lizardnapped (an adventure tale featuring endangered flora and fauna of The Bahamas) is four years old this month. And we have created a video to celebrate!

The video can be seen on YouTube at Curtis Curly-tail Speaks.

In the third book of the series, the very curious Curtis Curly-tail mistakes a poacher for a tourist wanting to snap a picture of his perfectly-curled tail. Instead, he is captured, along with critically endangered native plants, Conch and Iguanas. Together the animals plot their escape from the dangerous poachers, but they can’t do it alone. Who will help them? How will they get free of the cages on a speeding boat and return home safely to Warderick Wells?

An Adventure Tale For Readers Age 10+
Lovely Colored Pencil Illustrations by Jessica Minns/30 Pages

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