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Chile, a Red Green Iguana by Elaine A. Powers, Author

A red morph green iguana in a cage, on a log with salad greens at front of picture
Chile is a red morph green iguana, created through selective breeding.

You may have noticed in a previous blog post that Chile is a very orangish-red green iguana. Shouldn’t a green iguana be green, like Algae?

It turns out that not all green iguanas are the same color. They come in all shades of green and I once had a black-and-white green iguana. Noting color differences encourages breeders to try to bring out the less common colors. Albino green iguanas have now been produced and today, blue (blue axanthic) and red morphs are available.

Chile is a red morph green iguana and her red color is constant, not like some male iguanas who turn orange during breeding season. One nice thing about these morphs is you know they are captive bred and were not taken from their native wild environment.

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