A Reptilicious Commercial

Reptile I’m writing this blog on the day the Super Bowl LVII is being played. Aside from the football and the halftime show, one of the most well-known things about the big game is the commercials. Every year they have a show or two replaying the supposedly greatest Super Bowl commercials that debuted during one of the big games. However, they never mention my favorite commercials that ran for several years, telling a story of adventure and attempted murder! That the actors were frogs, lizards, and a ferret only enhanced the effect. If you are old enough, surely you will remember the Budweiser swamp commercials. The three frogs croak “Bud”, “Weis” and “Er.” Is there anything better than amphibian humor? The chameleon Louie complains that he didn’t get the part in the beer commercial. It’s a reptilicious commercial.

Commercially Viable

The Budweiser storyline ran from January 1995 until September 2001. The reptiles and ferret joined the cast in April 1997. The commercials not only covered the Super Bowl, but election campaigns, basketball, and major league baseball. Commercials were also created to air in other countries.

Believe it or not, real frogs were not used! No, they were computer-generated in a primordial swamp in front of a bar with a lighted Budweiser sign. Even so, the frogs were very popular and became a marketing success. They even created merchandise. T-shirts were the most popular, I have one of my own somewhere in a drawer.

The frog-based advertising proved profitable for Budweiser, which is probably why the storyline continued for several years, and the same advertising campaign was used throughout the world. Very unusual.

Since the frogs were so popular and successful, you’ll understand why each year when the new Budweiser commercials are aired, I hope to see some of my favorite amphibians once again croaking from their swamp. And I don’t drink beer! But if I did, it would be Budweiser. Afterall, any product that uses frogs and lizards, especially iguanas, in its marketing must be superior!

If you wish to see these special ads, there is a YouTube video that has them. Enjoy! 

Every Budweiser Frogs Commercial EVER! – YouTube


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