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We are individual writers of children’s books with a common goal of educating young people about the endangered animal species of the world.

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Affordable Fun and Educational Workbooks for Children

Educational and fun Workbooks for Children

The worksheets and project sheets available on this website are created for grades K-6. The information appropriate for each grade level (typically ages 5-11) has been carefully researched, and the worksheets and project sheets designed using Common Core standards for the target grade/age levels.

We recognize that there are variations in students’ understanding of a subject prior to coming into the grade level that emphasizes the particular subject, as well as variations in the speed at which students acquire new knowledge and grasp a lasting understanding of it. Therefore, these work/project sheets can augment your teaching to students in grades 4-6, depending on students’ cognitive level and ability.

More Specifically: The books offered through Lyric Publishing contain big, new words for students in grades K-3.

“When children are given a definition, they read it and quickly return to the story. When given a sentence that is relevant to the story and uses the word in the same context, students interpret it as a puzzle to be solved. They spend more time thinking about the meaning of the word and remember it better a week later.” How Children Learn Words, Miller and Gildea.