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What Kind of Non-Fiction Do We Write at Lyric Power Publishing?

infographic for Queen of the Night the Night-Blooming CereusQueen of the Night is available at We at Lyric Power Publishing LLC are delighted to write science-based children’s books–and a few for adults, too. The scientific information is accurate, but it is presented in entertaining ways, hopefully making learning more accessible. Poetry and adventure tales are used to present the science and they’re fun! We’ve been asked if the books are non-fiction. Not technically, because a story-line is used instead of real animals. But as this definition is debated, Melissa Stewart wrote about the new kinds of non-fiction children’s books. As nonfiction book sales to schools and libraries slumped, authors began searching for ways to add value to their work, so they could compete with the Internet. The result has been a new breed of finely crafted expository literature that delights as well as informs. Unlike traditional nonfiction, expository literature presents narrowly focused topics, such as STEM concepts and processes, in creative ways that reflect the author’s passion for the subject. These books typically feature an innovative format and carefully chosen text structure, a strong voice, and rich, engaging language. After reading Stewart’s descriptions, the books published by Lyric Power Publishing LLC fit best in the category of Expository Literature. They are innovative, have a strong voice, and engaging language. Along with science, these books can include local culture and vibrant illustrations. In addition, the workbooks and activity sheets published at LPP enhance the STEM education goals, as well as providing language and geographical information. Come explore a new kind of non-fiction—check out Lyric Power Publishing’s books and workbooks. an infographic about the book Don't Make Me Fly
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