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President of Tucson Poetry Society and Author Elaine A. Powers Interviewed on KOLD News

image of TV interview of author Elaine A. Powers


As the President of The Tucson Poetry Society, author Elaine A. Powers was interviewed by KOLD News in Tucson after Amanda Gorman performed her amazing poem, The Hill We Climb, at President Biden’s inauguration.

Elaine was a poet before she started writing her fun science books, and the poetry, we’ve been told, is what makes learning the science so much fun. Poetry is a big part of her life, as she is also a professional musician and singer.

Click here to see the interview.

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It’s Almost National Online Learning Day!

infographic about fun science education activity sheets and workbooks

September 15 is National Online Learning Day. Online learning is not only more popular today, it has become a necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though our authors prefer to give in-person talks and presentations, their books are a valuable resource for online learning, as well.

Lyric Power Publishing LLC specializes in fun science books, which can be ordered and delivered directly to your home

infographic of books by category

And our educational, supplemental workbooks and activity sheets can be purchased once from the website, downloaded, and printed as many times as you like

That is not all! Lyric Power Publishing LLC also offers a YouTube channel featuring videos of live animals, as well as animated educational videos. You can hear our author’s books being read there and we plan to offer live, interactive video conferencing soon.

a curly tail lizard on a bahamian beach with blue sky and ocean, sand and green plants
Curtis Curly-tail Speaks on You Tube

Of course, our authors now Zoom their presentations. Use our contact page to ask your favorite author about giving a Zoom presentation for your school, group or organization.

Online chats will never replace being able to feel the shell or a tortoise, or the scales of an iguana, or the touch of a flicking tongue, but we must all adapt when life throws us curve balls–and now we all learn how to learn online. At LPP, making science fun is a priority and we hope by sharing our books, workbooks, our animals and stories, now online, that we’ve done our part.

We continue to add new materials regularly, so be sure to visit the website often. There, you can sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of author online activities and new book releases. And, you’ll receive a special gift when you do sign up! 

Happy National Online Learning Day and stay safe out there, and stay in touch.

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We’re Proud to Announce the Publication of How to Eat Breakfast by Gene Twaronite

graphic image of a blue book cover with the heads of a little girl and animals on it

How DO all those animals eat?

Lyric Power Publishing LLC is proud to announce the publication of How to Eat Breakfast, written by Gene Twaronite and illustrated by Diane Ronning. This delightful book explores how and what different animals eat.

It all starts when Wanda’s mother sets down a plate of pancakes for Wanda and says,

“Now eat them while they’re still hot.”

But Wanda would not.

She just sat and stared at her feet

dreaming of other ways to eat.”

Come along on Wanda’s imaginary adventures, marvelously illustrated by Diane Ronning, while author Gene Twaronite makes the science of animal nutrition fun for the little ones!

LLP is delighted to have Gene and Diane join us.

Gene Twaronite is a Tucson poet, essayist, and children’s fiction writer. He is the author of nine books, including two juvenile fantasy novels, as well as collections of essays, short stories, and poems. His poetry book Trash Picker on Mars was the winner of the 2017 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Arizona poetry. Follow more of Gene’s writing at his website:

Diane Ronning draws and paints while eating breakfast. She is an artist/illustrator, teacher, and author who creates fun activities for children. She Lives in Tucson, Arizona, where wild desert animals wander into her yard searching for food, so, who better to bring this charming story to life?

How to Eat Breakfast is available on Amazon, in both Kindle and print versions.

photo of a red green-iguana hanging upside down eating
Chile, who prefers to eat upside down, says to get your copy today!