Animals of Cayman Brac 13-Month School Year Calendar Grades 2-5



This 13-month school calendar, for grades 2-5, begins and ends with September and can be used for any year. Students color, cut, and paste. Includes clear directions for how to assemble the flip-up wall calendar. When completed, send home to parents to schedule upcoming homework assignments, parent-teacher meetings, assemblies, sports games, and more. Animals include the Caribbean Fruit Bat, Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, Green Anole, Curly Tail (or Lime) Lizard, Sister Islands Rock (Cyclura) Iguana, Cayman Black Racer Snake, Green Sea Turtle, West Indian (Black-Billed) Whistling Duck, Brown Booby, Hermit (or Soldier) Crab, White Tailed Tropicbird, Cayman Brac Parrots, and the Bananaquit Bird. 


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