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New Book Smell by Elaine A. Powers, Author

photo of book with cracked pagesI was at a book meeting this morning when a friend of mine took the new book she had just purchased, opened it to the middle, stuck her nose into the crack and inhaled deeply.  A look of contentment covered her face and radiated through her body.

“Ah . . . the new book smell,” she uttered.

I confess to being unfamiliar with the smell of a new book.  We, of a certain age, remember the smell of mimeograph sheets, but that’s very different. So, of course, I had to try. I picked up one of my books that hadn’t been opened. I pulled the pages apart and smelled deeply of the fresh ink smell (mine was a picture book).

Hmmm, what a delicious smell! I hate to think of the many opportunities I have missed by not smelling my new books. I will not make that mistake in the future.

Even though e-books are convenient, they don’t have that new book smell. Oh, wait! Maybe we could create a fragrance “new book smell” that you could sniff when you turn on your reader! (There’s the lab biologist in me coming out!)

The most important thing, though, is to read, whether the book is electronic, well worn, or being opened for the first time. READ and increase your vocabulary, knowledge base, reduce your stress and enjoy good stories!

But feel free to sniff, as well.

There are lots of fun, science-based books to read at my Author Page on Amazon. Not only do they smell great, they’ll help you learn about turtles and tortoises and lizards and snakes and birds and plants!

infographic about "Don't" series books

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