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No School? Stir-Crazy Kids? Serve Up Some Fun Science!

infographic about fun science education activity sheets and workbooksServe Up Some Fun Science at Home!

The mission of Lyric Power Publishing LLC is to “Make Science Fun!” That’s because we know how fun science really is.

Our Activity Sheets and Workbooks are for Ages K-5 (see workbook covers for grade level and contents) and while they are highly educational, they are also lots of fun! Have you ever counted iguanas? Or made a lizard clock? Made your own Compass Rose or Passport?

Purchase a Download Once and Print as Many Times as You’d Like!

Depending on the grade, workbooks can include: Animal Facts, Name the Animal, Lifecycles, Compare Traits, Food Chains, Label the Parts, Color by Math, Mean/Median/Mode/Range, Color by Number, Printing, Underline the Answer, Counting, Convert Grams to Pounds, Fill in the Blanks, True or False, Cut Along the Dotted Lines, Cut and Paste, Cut and Classify, Fill in the Right Word, Word Search, Match the Facts, Using a Histogram, Venn Diagrams, Making Charts, Interpreting Charts, Crossword Puzzle, Other Puzzles, Conservation, Vocabulary, Complete the Sentence, Unscramble the Sentences, Prepositions of Place, Using Maps, Writing Prompts, Essay Writing Exercise, Reading Comprehension, and More!

Who makes all that fun, economically? We do—Lyric Power Publishing!
Purchase a Download Once and Print as Many Times as You’d Like!

For additional relaxing fun, check out our Coloring Books and Flannel Board Templates, enjoyed by children and adults alike. Coloring is handwork and creative, proven to reduce stress. Let your creativity run wild! Get out your colored pencils or crayons and have some fun today! Then print the pages again and color them in a whole new assortment!

You’re welcome!


A seafoam green book cover about seaturtles, with an image of a Green Sea Turtle
A Workbook of 29 Pages for Grades PreK-1
A light blue and white book cover with an image of multi-colored river rocks
One of our Workbooks of 43 Pages for Grades 2-5
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Author Elaine A. Powers Will Be Signing Books at the Tucson Festival of Books, March 14-15, 2020

map of children's area at TFOB

author Elaine A Powers holds a book in front of her booth at Tucson Festival of Books
Come out and say Hello on March 14-15!

On March 14-15, 2020, Tucson will host the third largest book festival in the US, the Tucson Festival of Books. Over 130,000 people come to enjoy this world-of-books every year.

All aspects of the book business are included, with several hundred authors in attendance, many who are involved in panels open to the public. Special programs for children and teens and about science are presented. This event is known for its cultural diversity and promoting literacy among children and adults in Southern Arizona. Millions of dollars have been donated to literacy programs because of this focus.

Author Elaine A. Powers participates in this event by having a booth from which she sells her books. Book lovers enjoy buying books directly from authors and Ms. Powers loves meeting them, as well, and personalizing and signing the books. She says it’s one of the most rewarding parts of being an author.

Ms. Powers will share the booth with author and illustrator, Anderson Atlas. Together, they offer books for all children’s book age groups, and some for adult readers, too.

Stop by and say hello on the weekend of March 14-15.

Tucson Festival of Books
March 14-15, 2020   9:30 – 5:30
University of Arizona
Children’s Section
Booth 324
Grab an Adventure by the Tail
Elaine A. Powers, Author
Anderson Atlas, Author/Illustrator


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Lyric Power Publishing is Proud to Announce a New Book: Time and the Garden By Jo Busha

a book cover with a photo of a lush, Vermont garden

Jo Busha, author of Time and the Garden: A Book of Essays,  starting gardening in 1975, when she met and married her husband and they moved to the Randolph, Vermont, the property where they still live. She was born in Brattleboro, Vermont, and grew up in Indiana. After earning a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University, she returned to Vermont to teach high school social studies. After their twin sons were born, she went back to school to get her MS in Human Nutrition and Foods from the University of Vermont. Busha worked for the Child Nutrition Programs at the Vermont Department of Education for 23 years. Since retiring, she spends most of her time working in her garden or planning her next steps in the garden, and writing about gardening and country living in Vermont.

photo of author Jo Busha in a chair in front of a window
Author Jo Busha at home in Vermont

Lyric Power Publishing, LLC is proud to announce the publication of a new book, a collection of essays by author Jo Busha, on life, gardening and the natural world, called Time and the Garden.  Jo’s collection of essays (written over a ten-year period about gardening, life in Vermont, and her observations of the natural world) is not a how-to book, but gardeners may find the essays instructive. It is arranged by season, but not all the essays have a specific seasonal connection. In addition to gardeners, Time and the Garden will appeal to readers seeking a strong sense of place and people interested in rural living, even if they aren’t able to live it. This place, where Busha has lived for 45 years, has played a huge role in her life. Book lovers are likely to feel this a cozy read, warmth for a snowy day.

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Tails, Tales, Adventures, Oh, My!

Gallery of Books

Welcome to Lyric Power Publishing, LLC, where we believe science books should be both educational and entertaining. Our children’s books illustrations are unusual in the marketplace: They are vivid—to attract the reader to both the written word and the fascinating world of science. Science is interesting and fun when presented in delightful rhymes or engaging adventures. No dry textbooks here! But don’t think these stories are only for children. Our fan mail indicates adults enjoy them equally and have also gained new knowledge while reading them.

We have recently added books for adult readers at LPP, though they could be enjoyed by some older children. Silent Rocks by Elaine A. Powers falls in our Conservation Category and is about how to help save the endangered Rock Iguanas of Cayman Brac.  Queen of the Night: the Night-Blooming Cereus, also by Elaine A. Powers, is found in our Plants Category and is about the mysterious Sonoran Desert plant that blooms one night every summer–all of them at the same time! Brown Booby Birds of Cayman Brac by Bonnie Scott is filed in our Birds Category and is about the last forty pairs of these large sea birds that are found only on the island of Cayman Brac. Time and the Garden by Jo Busha is also in Plants and is a book of essays from her life and experiences in the garden. Please check them out by clicking on the titles.

We may be a small publisher, but we have a mighty mission:  Science education should not be boring! To that end, in addition to our fun, science-based books in print, we have developed our own activity sheets and bundled them into 12 to 47-page study-units. Our affordable, printable activity sheets, workbooks, flannel-boards and standups for Grades K-5 provide creative and fun opportunities to learn about ecology, reptiles, birds, mammals, habitats, predators and prey, plants, rocks, maps and directions. They include coloring pages and lessons on anatomy, life-cycles, crossword puzzles, cut-and-paste, word searches, spelling, vocabulary, math, and story-writing, and more. Wouldn’t your children rather count iguanas or bats than apples and oranges? Our workbooks can be viewed at the Workbooks tab and are downloaded by you to be printed and used as many times as you’d like.

We hope you will enjoy all there is to see on the Lyric Power Publishing, LLC website. You can meet our authors and illustrators under the Home tab and see all our books at the Our Books tab.

Thank you for joining us as we discuss our work and our insights on this blog, Tails, Tales, Adventures, Oh, My! If you’d like to receive updates in your email, use the subscription box in the right column of any page but the Home page. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at


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Lyric Power Publishing, LLC is Expanding! We Are Adding Books for Adult Readers, Too!

close up photo of sunflower head

Lyric Power Publishing, LLC, is very excited to announce that we are expanding and adding books for adult readers, also.

While many of the existing books written for children are enjoyed by their parents and grandparents, too, we will soon be adding books for adult readers that have to do with the planet, nature, animals and the natural sciences.

Please check back for the coming new offerings!

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New Book Smell by Elaine A. Powers, Author

photo of book with cracked pagesI was at a book meeting this morning when a friend of mine took the new book she had just purchased, opened it to the middle, stuck her nose into the crack and inhaled deeply.  A look of contentment covered her face and radiated through her body.

“Ah . . . the new book smell,” she uttered.

I confess to being unfamiliar with the smell of a new book.  We, of a certain age, remember the smell of mimeograph sheets, but that’s very different. So, of course, I had to try. I picked up one of my books that hadn’t been opened. I pulled the pages apart and smelled deeply of the fresh ink smell (mine was a picture book).

Hmmm, what a delicious smell! I hate to think of the many opportunities I have missed by not smelling my new books. I will not make that mistake in the future.

Even though e-books are convenient, they don’t have that new book smell. Oh, wait! Maybe we could create a fragrance “new book smell” that you could sniff when you turn on your reader! (There’s the lab biologist in me coming out!)

The most important thing, though, is to read, whether the book is electronic, well worn, or being opened for the first time. READ and increase your vocabulary, knowledge base, reduce your stress and enjoy good stories!

But feel free to sniff, as well.

There are lots of fun, science-based books to read at my Author Page on Amazon. Not only do they smell great, they’ll help you learn about turtles and tortoises and lizards and snakes and birds and plants!

infographic about "Don't" series books

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Lots of New Science Fun with Four New Books at Lyric Power Publishing!

Lyric Power Publishing LLC is proud to announce the arrival of four new books! Here at LPP we love weaving science into adventure tales and rhyming books. We love colorful, exciting illustrations. We hope you will enjoy three wonderful new additions to our book catalog and a special guest listing for Ricky Ricordi.

olive green book cover with illustrations of a hickatee and a sea turtle
The Cayman Islands have turtles that live both on land and in the sea. Hickatee lives on land and doesn’t belong in the sea, like the sea turtles. Do you know the differences? Come inside and learn about turtles, especially the marvelous hickatee.


A book cover with a blue sky, white clouds and brown booby birds on the beach
Meet the Brown Booby, a large sea bird which is a year-round resident only of Cayman Brac, They are not found at all in Grand Cayman or Little Cayman. These birds are a spectacular sight, soaring and gliding along the Bluff edge and the shore, diving for fish to feed their young, perching on rocks in the sun, then returning to their nesting colonies. With only about forty nesting pairs on the Brac, they are protected by Cayman law.


A golden orange book cover with a green catfish on the cover
Clarissa Catfish liked her new home at the Peoria Playhouse Children’s Museum, but she couldn’t see the exhibits or the children in her tank. How can a catfish see the sights when she needs to stay in the water? Come inside to find out and join Clarissa as she explores the marvelous museum.


a book cover of boy in jungle with iguana on shoulder
When Lorenzo finds an iguana in his garden, he has loads of fun bonding with his new pet, but soon realizes that the animal belongs in the wild.
Dominican children’s author Nelia Barletta recently released a second children’s book, RICKY RICORDI: THE ADVENTURES OF AN IGUANA, which educates children about conservation and the protection of endangered animals of the Dominican Republic. The book focuses on the Ricordi iguana, an endemic species of the Caribbean island and features illustrations by Argentinian artist/children’s illustrator Juan Manuel Moreno.

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Ricky Ricordi: The Adventures of An Iguana by Nelia Barletta now Available at Lyric Power Publishing

a book cover of boy in jungle with iguana on shoulderWhen Lorenzo finds an iguana in his garden, he has fun bonding with his new
pet, but soon realizes that the animal belongs in the wild.

Lyric Power Publishing, along with John Binns of the IRCF, recently assisted Dominican children’s author Nelia Barletta in the publication of the English version of her book about Ricky Ricordi. The delightful illustrations were created by Argentinian artist/children’s illustrator Juan Manuel Moreno. The English version is now available on

Ricky Ricordi: The Adventures of an Iguana focuses on the Ricordi iguana, an endemic species of the Dominican Republic. The goal of this book is to educate children about conservation and the protection of endangered animals of the Dominican Republic. However, people around the world will enjoy this adventure tale.

Proceeds from the book are donated to Fundacion Abriendo Camino, an organization working to support disadvantaged children in Villas Agricolas, a marginalized neighborhood in Santo Domingo.

We encourage you to read this great adventure tale that is both entertaining and educational. Any story about an iguana is worthwhile reading!

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Saving the World’s Fauna and Flora by Elaine a. Powers, Author

Image of dark blue mountains against lighted sky, with words for IUCNOnce a year I travel to an “exotic” location–not to play, but to work with the IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, for iguana conservation. The IUCN is a democratic union comprised of influential organizations, both governmental and public, and top conservation experts, in a combined effort to conserve nature and enable sustainable development. There are more than 1300 member organizations and more than 15,000 experts. These members make the IUCN the global authority on the status of the natural world and what is needed to protect it.

I am thrilled to be part of this organization and hope I contribute in my own small way to the important work they do. Their website:

Header for website CITESAnother important organization for the worldwide protection of wildlife is CITES, The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. CITES publishes a voluntary international agreement that provides a framework for the parties to adopt their own domestic national legislation. So far, 183 parties have joined together. More information is available at:

a white and light blue book cover with an image of an iguana's headThirty fun pages all about iguanas!

NOTE: Iguanas are among my very favorite animals because of their intelligence, strength, and when domesticated, their affection toward their caretakers. Their personalities are fascinating and unique, and sometimes I think they can read minds! To learn more about these amazing reptiles, please enjoy our comprehensive workbook and activity sheets, My Unit Study on Iguanas.

To see all of Lyric Power Publishing’s fun, educational workbooks, go to the Our Workbooks tab.