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Are You Wearing Green on March Seventeen? It Must Be Green Iguana Day! by Elaine A. Powers, Author

An illustration of a green iguana on a tan beach, with a small part blue sky. Words: March 17! Everyone must be celebrating Green Iguana Day!
“Everyone’s wearing green! It’s GOT to be Green Iguana Day!” says Dudley Dewlap.

Have you noticed that at this time of year, people celebrate a mid-March holiday by wearing green clothes, hanging green decorations, and eating green foods and drinking green beer? They must be celebrating Green iguana Day! 

Dudley Dewlap, a green iguana (of course!) explains all about Green Iguana Day, on Curtis curly-tail’s YouTube Channel.

To learn more about these fascinating big lizards, see our 30-page downloadable Supplemental Workbook, My Unit Study on Iguanas.

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