The Dragon of Nani Cave – Rocks

Students will enjoy completing and assembling their very own book with this unit on minerals, rocks, and gemstones. Worksheets are divided into easily manageable lessons that can also enhance higher-level lessons in earth science.

Students get the opportunity to manipulate information about rocks and the rock cycle with this increasingly challenging cut-and-paste mini-unit.

Reading and reading comprehension worksheet pages that, when added to their book on rocks, will become handy reference guides for more advanced lessons on earth science as students progress through their academic years.

Two quick assessment quizzes for students: Question-and-answer and true-false that test recall or allow students to refer to their worksheets for the answers.

Build a sedimentary sandwich: in-class guide with diagram, and homework lesson.

Students investigate the concept of "properties" by first learning about their own physical properties and then learning about the properties of rocks.

Students become Rock Hounds with these worksheets designed for closer investigation of field findings.

Cooperative learning activities using the rocks from the field collection.