Don’t Make Me Fly

The Arizona Daily Star book review by Helen Woodhams, 2017.
“What a curious creature the roadrunner is! This iconic desert bird prefers hoofing it to flying, and its footprints are the same backwards as they are forwards. With vibrant illustrations by Nicholas Thorpe, this picture book is jam-packed with scientific facts about roadrunners, delivered in verse form to keep the narrative lively. Roadrunners “…grab their victim/behind its head/And bash it on/the ground until it is dead.” Want to know how to swallow a horned lizard? Keep reading! This is the second offering in the “Don’t” series by Tucson author Elaine A. Powers. The first is “Don’t Call Me Turtle!” “Don’t Make Me Fly!” is recommended for children in grades K-4.”


















Students read a Pueblo folklore tale about the roadrunner, then get the opportunity to write their own folklore about the roadrunner vs. the coyote. A fun writing exercise for grades 3-4.